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Paralympic Gold Medalist, Mark Colbourne MBE, has been inspiring audiences from the stage on the global public speaking circuit since his epic rise to the top in 2012 and now also proudly coaches people from all walks of life online, using his unique ‘365’ proven coaching methods.
At all sized events, Mark openly shares his key principles and personal values, plus his unique, breath-taking story of how he went from breaking his back in a freak paragliding accident in 2009, to breaking World Records on the track in just three years at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.
Having achieved world class results in cycling and key-note presenting, Mark’s knowledge of neuroscience and emotional intelligence coupled with systematic, tried and tested coaching programs, have transformed lives across the world.
As an elite minded individual whose incredible journey led him to live out an Olympic childhood dream, Mark showed at a time of great adversity in his life that he knew how to apply the correct techniques to achieve sustained high performance in the face of ever increasing pressure and change.
If you want Mark to share his incredible knowledge on mental and physical resilience, plus, teach your audience the power of change management that demonstrates that people can teach themselves anywhere to succeed against adversity, then get in touch. Although getting to the top is not easy, with the right knowledge and inspiration, it is possible.

What Rolls Royce Had To Say About Mark

Mark Colbourne MBE was booked by Rolls Royce Jet Engines to present at their European Leadership Forum in Derby. The content of the day is confidential, however the key take aways from the session can be heard and felt in the words of Luke Mallows, Vice President at Rolls Royce Jet Engines.

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