Inspiring Cyclists To Succeed

Whether you are new to cycling or a regular rider, or even someone who wants to race, my cycling training programs suit all types of cyclists. 
Simply choose the plan that fits your profile and we can then discuss your cycling goals on a private consultation Zoom call.

Cycling training Plans


This six month entry level training plan helps new cyclists go from good to great on the bike, by using my cycling experience and coaching knowledge. This plan covers bike set up for saddle comfort and handling skills for safety, plus, off the bike diet and lifestyle information so you can ride with ease and confidence in a group.

A great training plan to lose weight, improve your fitness and gain motivation and self-confidence…


This training plan is for keen cyclists who want to take their cycling, health and fitness to the next level. Using my cycling experience and optimum health knowledge, this plan helps you to achieve those 100km weekly rides with ease, comfort and control, so you gain the confidence to ride even further with your cycling friends.

This plan helps to challenge you toward the more difficult and longer sportive events…


This high performance and comprehensive 12-month training plan is suitable for experienced and passionate cyclists who want to commit to maximising their endurance and speed to achieve the best racing results possible. Gain the professional knowledge needed to prepare, train, rest and race at the very highest level in cycling.

This plan has been meticulously designed to create the vital holistic approach to athlete welfare and safety…


This exclusive and bespoke training plan is suitable for all kinds of driven, corporate executives and managers. The program’s flexibility allows those who are totally committed to optimising their fitness, mindset and overall winning skills to obtain optimum health and maintain peak performance in their life, and in the boardroom.

This in-depth plan covers the benefits of using many neuroscience habits that create the ideal corporate athlete…