Inspiring Cyclists To Succeed


This entry level program helps all novice riders to overcome their fears of cycling and can improve overall health too.
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Program content

Novice Plan requires 2 to 3 hours cycling per week.
  • A 60 minute bike fit evaluation on Zoom.
  • Safety instructions of ‘Dos and Don’ts’ when cycling.
  • Learn about rider etiquette when cycling in groups.
  • Get coached on how to pedal in circles for fitness.
  • Gain knowledge on the art of a cycling mindset.
  • 24 weekly training sessions to improve your cycling. 
  • Learn to plan your rides effectively and safely.
  • Improve your diet and lifestyle and optimum health.
  • Set realistic goals and enjoy the cycling social life.
  • Use our online tools for recovery and muscle gain.
  • Monthly 30-minute zoom call, so you can check in and discuss improvements.
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Program cost

$99 Per Month

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