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ADVANCED program

The advanced program offers a chance for you to deep dive into the world of pro-cycling marginal gains and optimum health.
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Program content

Advanced Plan includes:
  • A 60-minute bike fit evaluation on Zoom
  • Gain a professional insight into the secrets of cycling
  • Learn why rider etiquette is vital when cycling in groups.
  • Obtain tips and hacks of how to ride further and faster.
  • Deep dive into the cycling mindset of champions.
  • 24 weekly training sessions on Training Peaks.
  • Learn to plan your rides effectively and safely.
  • Improve your diet and lifestyle and optimum health.
  • Set realistic goals and enjoy the cycling social life.
  • Use our online tools for recovery and muscle gain.
  • A monthly 30-minute progress check-in Zoom.
  • Core workouts with Mark Colbourne MBE.
  • What food and fluid to consume on and off the bike.
  • Evaluate your FTP to maximise your watts per kiLo.
  • A 4-week overload block plan and pre-race taper.
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