Are you a lady living in Dubai and keen to take up cycling with other ladies to enjoy the great health and wellbeing benefits it offers but don’t know who to sign up with or where to get started?

Dubai resident Mark Colbourne MBE who is a Former World and Paralympic Cycling Gold Medallist now offers an exclusive “Ladies Only” group coaching session on the traffic free Meydan Cycling track every Sunday morning from 7am to 9am.

This two-hour session is a great way to learn the basics of bike control and rider safety before you progress to cycle in a coordinated group with like-minded lady cyclists of the same ability, plus, a fabulous way to meet new likeminded friends too.

The Ride 365 form of coaching incorporates a gentle holistic approach to cycling that covers the foundations of rider preparation, diet, and lifestyle off the bike, plus, biomechanical set-up to enable you to pedal further with ease, comfort, and control.

Learn the basics of balance at speed

Obtain elite nutritional knowledge

Gain extra power with zone training

Enjoy cycling social time with an Olympian

Obtain and maintain optimum health

Improve your self-confidence and fitness

Improve your health and cycling potential with regular cycle rides with an Olympian...

Cycling is a low impact aerobic exercise that offers a wealth of health benefits. It also varies in intensity, so it’s suitable for all levels. You can learn to cycle for casual activities or as an intense competitive endeavour if you are keen to set fitness goals. Cycling is a wonderful workout that keeps you active and can help shape a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

Having set up home in Dubai, Mark Colbourne MBE now prides himself with the ability and experience to share his cycling and wellbeing knowledge with the residents and cycling community of the UAE.

You may be keen to learn the skills to cycle but feel unsure around what it takes to achieve it, that’s ok as we all start out feeling this way. However, when you have a successful Olympian to guide you through every mile, you know you are in good hands.

Cycling is a great way to learn new self-confidence skills, get fit and healthy with friends, plus, spend plenty of time learning how to obtain and maintain great health for life.

Get in touch today to join Mark and the rest of the lady’s cycling community in Dubai, who enjoy the fun and freedom that cycling gives you on every ride.

”Sharing my elite cycling knowledge, helps people obtain optimum health and happiness for life.”

Mark Colbourne MBE

Cycle with an Olympian each week to take your cycling from good to great...

As part of his mission Mark Colbourne MBE who now resides in Dubai, wants to help improve ladies’ health and wellbeing using cycling as the vehicle to achieve this important part of optimum health for life.

Even if you are new to cycling then book on now for your first FREE taster session and enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits, plus, lots of social interaction time too.

The private sessions are gentle cycling rides at 20/24kmph on a Sunday morning and coffee and social time afterwards are a must.

Sun • 7am - 9am
No cycling in July & August

Group cycling coaching

$99 per month

All members to receive Ride 365 cycling merchandise ( Cycling Cap, Two Water Bottles, Socks, Cycling Shoe Bag )

Book a Discovery Call​

Book yourself onto a group discovery zoom call with Mark Colbourne MBE to learn how to get started.