Ride with an Olympian to obtain and maintain peak performance

Team-building cycling sessions with Former World and Paralympic Gold Medallist Mark Colbourne MBE enable employees to invest in new skills and work in a cohesive group that helps to create both a purpose and personal achievement towards other colleagues.

Using a mixture of motivation and world class cycling exercises, the quality of the team building sessions are second to none to help bond any team and take them from good to great, as each session is designed with the team outcome in mind.

Learn the basics of balance at speed

Obtain elite nutritional knowledge

Gain extra power with zone training

Enjoy cycling social time with an Olympian

Obtain and maintain optimum health

Improve your self-confidence and fitness

Improve your health and cycling potential with regular cycle rides with an Olympian...

Having set up home in Dubai, Mark Colbourne MBE now prides himself with the ability and experience to share his cycling and wellbeing knowledge with the residents and cycling community of the UAE.

You maybe keen to learn the skills to cycle but feel unsure around what it takes to achieve it, that’s ok as we all start out feeling this way. However, when you have a successful Olympian to guide you through every mile, you know you are in good hands.

Cycling is a great way to learn new self-confidence skills, get fit and healthy with friends, plus, spend plenty of time learning about what it takes to become a cyclist at the very highest level.

Get in touch today to join Mark and the rest of the cycling community in Dubai, who enjoy the fun and freedom that cycling gives you on every ride.

”Sharing my elite cycling knowledge, helps people obtain optimum health and happiness for life.”

Mark Colbourne MBE

Cycle with an Olympian each week to take your cycling from good to great...

As part of his mission Mark Colbourne MBE who now resides in Dubai, wants to help improve peoples health and wellbeing using cycling as the vehicle to achieve this.

Being aware of how your daily actions or words can influence the team taking responsibility for their role can be demonstrated with the team building attributes and attitudes that incorporate cooperation, decision making, plus, reliability, trust, and teamwork.

Learning the non-verbal communication skills of elite cycling can enhance team problem solving aspects and reduce interpersonal conflicts when everyone is working towards the same outcome.  

Solving problems is often a key aspect of team building. A variety of issues can arise throughout any project, including interpersonal conflicts and problems related to the team’s goals. Using cycling as the team builder foundation, your staff will be able to address both types of issues in a way that enables the group to continue to work well together and accomplish its objectives.

No cycling in July & August

Group cycling coaching

$249 per person

All participants to receive Ride 365 cycling merchandise ( Cycling Cap, Two Water Bottles, Socks, Cycling Shoe Bag ) 

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